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Designing your Office Canteen

We found an article that we thought gave really great pointers about putting together your office canteen.

“Each aspect of the office interior design has to be paid special attention so that the desired effect is created for a positive workplace ambience. In this regard, office canteen design is not given much priority as it is considered to be a leisure spot in the office premises. A comfortable office canteen design provides an ideal place to take a refreshing break for the employees from their routine work. Hence it is utmost essential that certain basic norms of office interior design are catered to.

For an Ideal Office Canteen Design

1. Adequate Moving Area
The space available for the employees as well as the staff serving food must be adequate enough to comfortably move around in the office canteen. The area must not be crammed with too many furniture pieces or appliances that may obstruct the smooth movement.

2. Maximum Seating Space
Judicious use of the space must be done to accommodate the maximum number of tables and chairs without making the office canteen look jam-packed or overcrowded.

3. Service Area
The food service area or the billing counter must be convenient enough to hold a considerable crowd at the same time, without hampering the ease of service. Have adequate space for appliances needed to maintain the hot and cold foods separately.

4. Comfortable Kitchen
The staff members who work in the kitchen must have a comfortable setting for prompt service of the orders. Separate area to store hot and cold foods has to be included in the office canteen design.

5. Appropriate Appliances
Every kitchen in an office canteen is bound to have a refrigerator, oven, stoves with multiple burners, accessories to keep the hot foods warm and cold foods cold, etc. Include adequate room for the same in the office canteen design.

6. Interior Design
The ambience of the office canteen has to be set perfectly for a comfortable relaxing spot. Choose pleasing colors and make a bold statement which sync with the overall color theme of the office interior design. Match the furniture and accessories with the chosen theme.

7. Flooring
The flooring should be slip-resistant and easy to maintain. Flooring options that enable easy cleaning of spillages and resist dirt accumulation are the best to opt for.

An attractive office canteen design can enhance the appeal of office interior on whole, while making it a refreshing spot for a short break. ”

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