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Dog Biltong bowl upstart Office

New products in store!

We have just put our new decorating ceramics and wall art on display in our showroom. It is a collection of local and international goods from skulls to serving plates to cool framed prints.

All offices and homes need accessories as a finishing touch which creates your own personal atmosphere.

Skull Serving plate Upstart Office

Skull Serving plate


Dog Biltong Bowl Upstart Office

Dog Biltong Bowl


Wall Art Upstart Office

Wall Art

Does your Chair have your back? by Humanscale

We spend a lot of time at work, and one thing is for sure – the chair you use each day can make a huge difference in your comfort level (and sanity). To assist you in searching for the perfect office chair, we have compiled the Ultimate Chair Checklist:

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Our newly renovated showroom


Our newly renovated showroom at the Old Biscuit Mill in the Heart of the design hub of Woodstock in Cape Town, acts as a living testament to adaptable, user-focused design.  The space is a presentation of our broad range of product and demonstrates fresh ideas in modern office concepts.

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Your personal office space:

You spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and approximately 50 weeks a year in your office. A Large company means large numbers of people passing you by every day. Some days you can’t tell today from yesterday.  Sound like you?

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Our new Biscuit Mill home

We recently moved into our spacious new offices at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town and we absolutely love it here. “It was time for us to spread our wings and find somewhere bigger and better”, says Sonet. “We love the Biscuit Mill – it has a great history of reclaiming abandoned spaces and giving them a new lease on life, of supporting design and the crafts and nurturing up-and-coming talent. These are all ideals and beliefs shared by Upstart Office.”

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