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December 2014

Designing your Office Canteen

We found an article that we thought gave really great pointers about putting together your office canteen.

“Each aspect of the office interior design has to be paid special attention so that the desired effect is created for a positive workplace ambience. In this regard, office canteen design is not given much priority as it is considered to be a leisure spot in the office premises. A comfortable office canteen design provides an ideal place to take a refreshing break for the employees from their routine work. Hence it is utmost essential that certain basic norms of office interior design are catered to.

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Your personal office space:

You spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and approximately 50 weeks a year in your office. A Large company means large numbers of people passing you by every day. Some days you can’t tell today from yesterday.  Sound like you?

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Breaking News

We have just been appointed as interior designers and suppliers of a 1500 seater call centre in the Western Cape! Watch this space.

Upstart Office: Best Seller for May 2013

 Once again the Orion Office Chair has crushed all the other chair contenders in the popularity stakes for May 2013. Its design compliments any office and it has been nicknamed the ‘working chair’ by some, because of comfort and ability to withstand 8 hour work days.

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A wall screen called Cool

Every business environment is different and by instinct you want to create a unique atmosphere. With these new wall screens (we aptly named COOL); you can construct your own special personal wall design, by choosing sizes and colours to suit your company.

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The Charles

Inspired by our trip to Europe and Orgatec last October, Frank has designed our first solid oak table.

Available in two sizes 1800 mm x 800 mm and 1600 mm x 800 mm. The table can be used as a desk or meeting/dining table and can be delivered flat packed and assembled on site with 8 screws.

Fresh Gold has moved in

Stylish, contemporary, earthy and organic – check out the new look we recently created for fruit export company, Fresh Gold. We also helped them to move from their old building in Montague Gardens to an exciting new space in the Durbanville wine growing area, with lovely views of the surrounding vineyards.

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Our new Biscuit Mill home

We recently moved into our spacious new offices at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town and we absolutely love it here. “It was time for us to spread our wings and find somewhere bigger and better”, says Sonet. “We love the Biscuit Mill – it has a great history of reclaiming abandoned spaces and giving them a new lease on life, of supporting design and the crafts and nurturing up-and-coming talent. These are all ideals and beliefs shared by Upstart Office.”

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